10 Best Camping Apps that You Might Like

I think the best camping apps are those which add a smidge of value without intruding on the experience. After all, camping is often about escaping the busy world and all the technology that comes with it. However, there’s no doubt that apps can be helpful and useful in the great outdoors.

And what are these apps that make the experience better?

Here’s a list of apps for camping that you might want to check out.

The Best Apps for Camping that You Might Like

Most of these apps for camping will suit those of you who like to wild camp. I say this because staying on campsites doesn’t require as much thought or planning etc. That being said, you should find many of these apps are still really useful no matter where or how you go camping. Also, it’s just my experience so please do your own research before downloading any of the following camping apps.

10 Apps for Camping in 2022

1. Peakfinder for Spotting and Naming Peaks

It does exactly what you think it does! Peakfinder is a great app for camping because it helps you identify the name of every peak in sight. You simply point the phone toward a certain mountain and this camping app provides a 360 degree panoramic view that names the nearby peaks. The Peakfinder app also have more than 600,000 peaks in the database so you’ll be amazed with the many random names that can be discovered. Some campers use it just to learn the names of peaks but you can also create lists of peaks next to which you might want to camp next time.

2. Leafsnap for Identifying Plants and Trees

I believe Leafsnap was designed for gardeners but you can see why this might also be a useful camping app. If you happen across an unknown flower or tree, this expert app provides a series of guides that help you identify the plants. It also uses visual recognition and high resolution photos of all kinds of plants to assist the process.

3. Hiiker App for Camping on Hiking Trails

Fancy a bit of wild camping?

Hiiker App is designed to help users plan their hikes and it features more than 2,500 trails at the point of writing this post. You can measure distances and set custom markers that will help you keep track of wherever you camp. There is an option to download the offline versions of the maps and the ease at which you can locate nearby trails is the reason I think this is one of the best camping apps because it’s much easier to go wild camping in particular on a designated camping trail.

4. Maps.Me for Locating the Nearest Campsite

I’ve been using Maps Me for more than ten years and I find this to be a very useful app for camping. You can quickly locate campsites and plan where you wish to stay that evening. It’s true, the Hiiker app can do this too but I especially like to use Maps Me when I reach towns or want to find some specific amenities in the area. You can also download offline maps and I like to use this app in conjunction with the Hiiker app.

5. Sky Safari for Learning about the Night Sky

Have you ever had a starry night and wished you’d known more about the constellations? SkySafari is one of the best camping apps that helps you identify just about everything in the night sky. From constellations and planets to stars and satellites, it covers all the bases. There is also a neat feature on this app for camping that shows you what the sky might have looked like many thousands of years ago. You can even simulate approaching comets or meteor showers and check out the mythology and history associated with the stars.

6. Cairn for Tracking Your Whereabouts

Cairn is another of the best camping apps as it acts as a tracking function that your friends or family can follow. The app uses GPS locations and there’s a safety feature that will notify chosen contacts in the event of you not returning from the camp at a particular time. Another useful thing about this app for camping is that you can check mobile network connection along a chosen route and it provided lots of stats afterward such as the elevation gain or distance travelled.

Knots is one of the best camping apps because it provides simple entertainment that doesn't disengage you from the experience.

7. Knots 3D

Wanna learn how to do some knots?

There are more than 130 knots in the database and I feel like the simplicity of this concept is what makes it one of the best camping apps out there. You can filter the knots according to their type (loop, bend etc) and there’s pointers that should turn you into a master of knots. You can watch the know being drawn on the app and then seek to replicate it yourself. Knots is one of the best camping apps because making knots is a simple activity that doesn’t disengage you from the experience.

8. Audible for Some Company

I like to read while I’m out camping but I’m starting to enjoy audiobooks even more. It’s nice to listen to a book while hiking to a camp spot but I’ve also started to listen just before getting off the sleep. The reason I think these are some of the best camping apps is because network connection is never guaranteed and you can download books etc for offline use. In fact, I find designated campsites often have really bad network coverage and downloading these apps ensures you don’t need it.

9. iBird for Identifying Birds

iBird is an app that helps users identify birds and has a smart search feature that only shows up the bird specific in your geographical area. This camping app uses maps, bird calls and photos to illuminate the experience and it’s easy for those with no bird watching experience to follow. Another of the best camping apps for birdwatching is called “Audobon” which is completely free and filled with buckets of information. I really like how Audobon explain the interesting link between camping and birdlife and the more time I spend outdoors in general, the more attention I pay to the birds.

10. Spyglass for an AR Learning Experience

Spyglass is another navigation type app but with a difference. It works in 3D and has an augmented reality feature that shows you real time objects but with overlays of directions and images and maps. I wouldn’t recommend spending more time looking through this lense than at the natural world itself but still think it’s an interesting concept. There are also wildlife and stargazing experiences on the app and lots more features to help users up their navigational skills in general.

As always, this is just my opinion and you always have to do what’s best for you.

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