10 Cheap Camping Accessories that Actually Work

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Are you looking for some cheap camping accessories? You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve used high quality camping gear for most of my trips down through the years. The reason for this is because there was a time when a cheap tent or piece of gear was cheaply made. That is, they consisted of low quality material and those items were often unfit for purpose in general.

But things change and as outdoor activities trend upwards, many brands seem to be pumping out better quality camping gear. In other words, even some of the cheapest items are pretty good!

Here’s the 10 Cheap Accessories for Camping

BRS Portable Camping Stove

Trekology Aluft Camping Pillow

TiTo Titanium Camping Spork

Trekology Inflatable Camping Mattress

EasyULT Tick Remover

Blukar Camping Lantern

Alomejor Tent Pegs

Lixada Water Filter

Lixada Portable Wood Stove

Boundless Voyage Ultralight Camping Pot

Let’s take a closer look at some of these best cheap camping accessories that actually work.

10 Best Cheap Camping Accessories

1. BRS Stove

I bought the BRS stove for one reason only – to reduce the weight in my backpack. For instance, a Jetboil stove weighs more than 500 grams and almost every other type of camping stove is at least 200 grams. This may not seem like a lot to carry but it really does add up and you feel every last ounce of this weight on a long distance walk in particular. At just 25 grams, the BRS stove is the lightest camping stove that I know. It’s rather fragile but works just fine and offers incredible value given this is the most affordable camping stove that you are likely to find. Also, this tiny little stove even made my list of the best camping stoves and that should tell you how much I like it!

2. Trekology Aluft Pillow Deluxe

I used to say there was no point in taking a pillow on a camping trip and I was wrong. Because while it’s possible to use a puffy jacket or piece of clothing as a pillow, nothing comes close to having an actual pillow. The Trekology Aluft Pillow Deluxe might not be anything like a real pillow but it offers a lot of comfort and certainly more than a sweater etc. This is also one of the cheap accessories for camping that I bought and weighs only 120 gram which is half the weight of my next smallest camping pillow!

3. TiTo Titanium Long Handle Spork 

I honestly think you should stay away from certain sporks because each one has a different design and size. For instance, there are sporks that have a knife on one end and a fork on the other. I find these cumbersome because you wind up having to hold either a knife or fork end while you eat! Also, the length of the handle is crucial as a long handle allows you to dip into meal bags, jars etc without touching your firty camping fingers off the food. At just 16g, this titanium spork is one of the cheap camping accessories that I think everyone should have in their kitchen!

4. Trekology Inflatable Mattress

I’d been trying to find the best mattress for camping for ages that doesn’t cost a small fortune and that’s when I found the Trekology Aluft UL50. It’s another compact and lightweight piece of gear (just 450g) and surprisingly adequate for something so thin. I’m not saying this is the best camping mattress of all time because it does have certain flaws. However, I am saying this is another of the cheap camping accessories that strikes a balance between size, comfort and price.

5. EasyULT Tick Remover

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had an experience with ticks but it’s something you simply cannot avoid at times. Such is the serious nature of what they pass on (lime disease), you will often see calls to make tick removers more available. They like to hang out in tall grass and weeds or moist areas of the body when it comes to their camping victims! Seriously though, ticks can be brushed off when you first encounter them but as soon as they break the skin, you’ll need a specific tool to pull them out. This is because there is a certain way to remove ticks without escalating the problem and a tick remover is the best camping accessory for the job. This is also the most cheap camping accessory I own!

6. Blukar Camping Light / Lantern

The Blukar camping lantern runs on 3 x AAA batteries, it’s super bright and it’s the type of cheap camping accessories that I actually use at camp. This is obviously because light emanates from the lantern in every direction which is especially useful for cooking or inside the tent after dark. You can place it on the ground, hang it from a tree or tie it up inside the tent. Not much more to say other than this camping lantern is more affordable than some of the big brand products that do much the same job.

6. Alomejor Tent Pegs

Some tent pegs are a nightmare to put into the ground because the tops (the part you push) are so sharp that it hurts! Even if you use a hammer, those sharp ends will likely damage the hammer and to be honest, why bother when you don’t have to? These tent pegs by Alomejor are made of aluminum and while the tops are much less sharp. They are also quite strong and somewhat similar in design to tent pegs by MSR.

8. Lixada Water Filter Straw Purifier 

I’m thinking this water filter for camping is likely made in the same factory as the big brands you seen in America. It can purify up to 5,000 litres and the water pipe is designed to remove parasites and bacteria from the water you collect. I used something similar (identical) on my hike along the Pacific Crest Trail a few years back and it did the job. However, most campers don’t use this as a “straw” exactly. Instead, you can simply collect water in one bottle (or the little bag supplied) and then squeeze a litre or two at a time through the contraption and into the other bottle. Trust me, it’s a straightforward process. One slight downside to this camping water filter is that it’s not the fastest but unless you’re filtering 5+ litres every day, I don’t think this even matters. Really cool !

9. Lixada Portable Wood Stove

I’ve been using this wood stove for a couple of years now. I couldn’t afford the official “Firebox” stove but the Lixada model looked just the same. In my experience, I can’t see why or how the Lixada wood stove is not just as capable. It’s reasonably light (150g) and packs down to a very small size. I’m also still using the stove which shows how durable it is and why it’s one of my favourite camping accessories.

10. Boundless Voyage Ultralight Camping Pot

The 750ml version of this camping pot weighs 122 grams which is super light for a pot. It’s similar in design to one of the most popular ultralight pots for hikers which is why I came across it in the first place. Although it comes with a spoon, it’s not supposed to be great so keep that in mind if making a purchase. 750ml is also a decent size for making meals and although one of the less cheap camping accessories on this list, it’s much more affordable than other ultralight camping pots.

Thanks for reading and as always, this is just my opinion, you always have to do what’s best for you!

Derek - The OG
Derek - The OG
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