The Best Cheap 2 Person Tents

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Are you busy researching cheap 2 person tents?

Unless you plan on using it on the regular, you might not want to spend much money on a 2 person tent. Maybe you’re new to camping and looking for something cheap to get you started. Either way, it’s probably best to find something affordable and then decide if you wish to upgrade later on.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best cheap two person tents for camping.

The Best 2 Person Tents for Camping

1. Forceatt 2 Person Tent

Weight – 2.58KG

The Forceatt is a spacious 2 person tent with a decent amount of ventilation. Customer reviews often refer to the tent as a quality piece of gear as far as cheap 2 person tents go. You also have vestibules on either side of the tent and a nice awning which can be erected when the weather allows for same. While it may not be an ultralight two person tent, it’s pretty much the same weight as a tent I often strap to my backpack every other weekend.

2. Naturehike Star River Tent 20D

Weight – 2.1KG

The Star River by Naturehike only weighs 2.1kg which is very light for a 2 person tent. It’s of a decent size and easy to set up, while the vestibules on each side are always handy. This is also a free standing tent which is means it’s probably more straightforward to pitch for those new to camping. With a 4000mm waterproof index, you can rest assured it will stand any rain and it receives surprisingly good reviews out of all the cheap two person tents that I’ve come across.

3. Coleman Darwin 2

Weight – 2.8KG

It’s advertised as a festival tent and one for the weekends. This immediately suggests the tent might not be suitable for wild camping or carrying on your back. That being said, the Coleman Darwin 2 weights 2.8kg and packs down to 46 x 16cm which isn’t too bad at all! There is a small vestibule for wet shoes etc, adjustable vents and just enough space inside for two. At such a low price, I think most people would be happy with this 2 person tent and online reviews seem to suggest the same.

4. Outwell Cloud Pole Tent

Weight – 4.43KG

The Outwell Earth two person tent might not be the lightest (4.43kg) of the cheap two person tents but it’s a solid shelter. The dark inner part of the tent reduces exposure to light which will help those who enjoy a lie-in, while the tinted windows ensure enough ventilation. The front section has a detachable groundsheet which doesn’t come with most two person tents and there’s lots of space inside this one. Aside from being of a solid design and reliable performance, the Cloud Pole tent by Outwell is very affordable!

5. Vango Hydra Trekking 2 Person Tent

Weight – 2.8KG

I’ve been using a similar tent to this one for many years called the Vango Banshee. This 2 person tent is features the same quality and low profile which enable it to perform well in all kinds of weather. You can’t get up and move around much inside but it’s probably the only tent on this list that I might take out on a wild camping trip. In other words, you might have more use for this one again in the future.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are some things to keep in mind with cheap 2 person tents:

Space – You want to have enough space for two people AND both of your backpacks.

Functionality – You want a tent that can comfortably withstand any stormy weather etc.

Size and Weight – Size and weight doesn’t matter unless you’re carrying it on your back.

Vestibules – These “porch areas” are so useful for storing gear, shoes etc.

PS. Check out the best ultralight two person tents for something lighter.

As always, this is just my opinion and you always have to do what’s best for you!

Derek - The OG
Derek - The OG
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